Fort Patiko – 1800 century slave trade habor

Brief Bio Data
Sir Samuel Baker’s Fort,
Patiko Sub-county, Gulu District
Northern Uganda.
Inscription of Bakers’ fort on one of the stores     Map of the stores and the Ammunitions chamber

  • Baker’s fort is located in Patiko sub-county 32 km north of Gulu town.sir-samuel-fort
  • It was founded by the Baker, an English explorer who was sent by the queen of England to quell down slave trade carried out by the Arabs slave traders in the Far East.
  • The fort was taken over by baker from the Arabs in the year 1872 and till now the site still remains a memorable & valuable site for the people of Patiko and Uganda at large.
  • Very interesting to note also are the various divisions at the fort all which were very instrumental to the Arab slave traders, they are;-
    • The industrial area
    • Court yard
    • Prosecution Chamber- by (firing squad/beheading)
    • Concrete stores
    •  Administrative Chamber

The entrance to the fort.

  • It’s also imperative to note that, the fort is bordered   by beautiful hills; in the north by Ajulu Hills and to the south by Kiju hills all which provide and define the beautiful scenery of Patiko village. All the two hills can provide options for those mountain climbers!sir-samuel-fort
  • Also on the north of the fort lies the beautiful map of Africa engraved on the ground with stones.
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  • The people of patiko not only have the fort as the only unique discipline but also have the biggest plantation of palm tree in the all of Uganda. Palm tree according to them  produces orange juicy fruit that they are yet to discover markets for or construct a juice company there. This tree specie does not only provide them with fruits but also numerous uses, find out more by coming to the site.

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The “shelter Rock” as is referred to.Guru-guru Village Lamogi sub-county, Amuru District

  • Did you know that the famous Lamogi rebellion of 1911 in northern Uganda took place at Guru- Guru in Lamogi? Want to catch some history on site?
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  • I wonder how useful this cave was during the 20 years insurgency in northern Uganda for the people of guru-guru, do you know?
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