Security situation in Gulu, Is it Safe enough? Will I be safe?

Government of Uganda has security beefed up in the entire nation for both its locals and even visitors at large. Proper mechanisms are in place with security agencies in ensuring security in all the tourist destinations and wider country. Other Stakeholders like Uganda Tourist Board (UTB) also play a major role constantly in monitoring the state of situations (security included) and advice their members accordingly on the same. There are a number of police stations in Gulu like Awach Police Station and Central police station.
Armed with real time information, we are always able to recommend changes on itineraries as they come.

What are the mode of transport to Gulu? How do I get there?


The city is serviced by Gulu Airport, which has a tarmac runway that measures 10,314 feet (3,144 m). Gulu Airport is the second biggest Airport in Uganda after Entebbe International Airport. Local air crafts serve in these airports like Eagle Air and MAF.


Gulu has a station on the metre gauge railway from Tororo to Pakwach, a line that had been out of use since 1993. Rift Valley Railways funded clearing the line of vegetation and repairing structure, thus allowing the first commercial train for 20 years to run through on the metre gauge track from the Kenyan port Mombasa over Nairobi and Eldoret to Tororo and onwards to Gulu on September 14, 2013; this line is referred to officially as the “Tororo – Gulu – Pakwach Line” or simply the Rift Valley Line.

Where do I go shopping in Gulu? Any nearby malls/supermarkets?

Gulu has several supermarkets serving locals and tourists in the area. They include the renowned Uchumi supermarket. Gulu also has traditional markets where tourists can have access to local traditional foods fresh from the farm.

Any banks or financial institutions around Gulu?

Gulu district prides of 17 major banks all equipped with VISA technology and master card facilities.  The banks also have Forex exchange bureaus hence facilitates easy changing of foreign currency to local. Visitors can have easy access to cash from any of these banks.

In case of medical emergency, which hospitals are in Gulu?

There are three hospitals providing services to the city: St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and Gulu Independent Hospital. Also there are several private hospitals around with ambulance facilities. AAR Flying doctors is also present in Gulu.

What are the main touristic attractions in Gulu?

With diverse endowments of natural resources, breathtaking landscapes and very beautiful beaches, Uganda remains the country of choice as a tourist destination, in fact the “whole of African continent in one shop”. Our national parks in Gulu are wildlife-rich, with some like the Kidepo National Park hosting giraffes, buffaloes and hippos. It is important to note that game drives can be done on foot as well. Gulu also has Murchison falls where visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the water falls topped up with a rainbow. There also is the unforgettable boating experiences and fishing expeditions. Additionally, visitors can visit the traditional sites and see kingdoms like Acholi kingdom palace that existed before the white settlers.

What types of Amenities, Safaris and holidays does Wellsprings offer?

We offer both Camping and Lodge Safaris through our collaboration with national parks around. Camping package which is best suited for budget travelers, we put you up in tents in our campsites and/or budget hotels (where applicable). For a lodge package which is pegged at slightly higher costs, we put you up in luxury lodges during your stay. We can always draft a suitable package for you that will include both camping and lodge upon request. Aside, we also offer trekking and mountain-climbing holidays for outdoor lovers with various activities therein. Also, we offer other services such as airport meet-and-greet and transfer where you will definitely experience our incomparable high quality customer service.

Do you cater for visitors with special dietary needs?

Wellsprings do cater for all dietary needs (from Meat-lovers to Vegetarians and Halal guests). We always welcome requests for the special dietary needs prior to the booking to give us adequate time to prepare for the same.

How should I dress when visiting Gulu? What are the weather conditions?

Gulu has two weather seasons i.e. rainy and dry season. During rainy season, temperatures are between 24-27 degrees whereas in hot season,it rises to 32 degrees. Visitors are advised to carry light clothing and mosquito repellants.

Can you also come up with tailor-made itineraries for safaris that are off the beaten track, upon request?

Yes We Can! We boast having amicable relations with the national parks around like Kidepo and Murchison falls who have fully qualified tour consultants who have many years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry. They are able to come up, fast, with customized and cost-friendly itineraries while making recommendations wherever necessary to suit the customer’s holiday needs.

Is it okay to book for a hotel in advance and what is the time-frame?

This is very possible and can be done way back from the booking date. In fact we highly recommend this as it enables us to do early booking arrangements which greatly increases guarantee of availability of accommodations at your destination(s) of choice. This is especially so for those who wish to do conferences, conduct weddings and enjoy their honeymoon at Wellsprings.

Upon confirmation of my taking a package with you, what is the mode of payment and when is the latest time to do this?

Upon confirmation, you will be expected to make a wire transfer of 40% and the balance be paid before the start of the booking and/or safari. We accept cash, credit cards that is Master card and Visa card. At least a month before the booking is okay but we also accept last minute bookings.